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6 pictures thing tagged by yuushioshitari. With special appearances from my classmates, my little sister, and the adorable Japanese girls who were guest performers at the dance concert.

I tag. Uh. pinkdustlane, camellia-the-empress, sunsetblossom, and anyone else who wants to do this~! Of course, you don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable posting pictures online. ^__^

Sebastian: On my way to corrupt Ciel's soul with my evilness
Sebastian: *develops a fetish for cats, saves kittens, prances around with a deerhead, prances around in a unicorn costume, has a thousand catchphrases, uses puns whenever he can, has way too much fun at dressup parties, has way too much fun looking for Easter eggs, invents a curry bun for kiddies to eat, poledances, thinks the only way to get info from straight women is to be a manwhore, hires the derpiest staff known to mankind, pretends to be killed by a firepoker, gets his head nommed by tigers, literally won a fight because Ciel believed in him, actually listens to William when they're roomies, internal monologue always complaining*
Ciel: Look in the mirror, loser

And so, 2 months later - because I am a procrastinating little shit - here’s the winners of my 310 giveaway! ;D yes im late and im a terrible person

The winners are: camellia-the-empress, stepsteponetwo and sunsetblossom.

As stated, a headshot sketch and a fanfic of 3000 words will be the prize, so please send me an ask as to what you would like! 

|| The Henshin of the Kureshima Brothers 2/2: After - Kureshima Mitsuzane

|| The Henshin of the Kureshima Brothers 1/2: Before - Kureshima Takatora

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Name: Cai Ni
Nickname: Rei, Ray & Nini.
Birthday: 26021996
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 161cm
Time zone: GMT +8
What time and date is it there: 6:14PM, 02092014
Average hours of sleep: About 6 to 7…?
OTPs: RenMasa, AoKise, Franada [you don’t want the full list] 
The last thing I Googled was: ”Houtsuin Yamato” because of reasons.
First word that comes to mind: derp.
What I last said to a family member: ”Why you dao me?” Basically means “Why are you ignoring me?” in Singlish.
One place that makes me happy and why: My bed. It’s comfortable and the one place I don’t have to pretend.
How many blankets I sleep under: One fluffy sheep blanket.
Favorite beverage: Pokka Green Tea, I guess…?
The last movie i watched in the cinema was: Guardians of the Galaxy
Three things I can’t live without: Laptop, my phone, internet connection.
Something I plan on learning: French! And then Spanish, if I can. 
A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t regret the things that you’ve done; Focus on what you haven’t.
My blog/s: This one, a lot of url savers and the Ren RP blog. 
You have to listen to this song: Take Your Way by livetune.
I tag: yuushioshitari​, camellia-the-empress​, stepsteponetwo​, yeahgyuu​.
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 Kuroko No Basuke: Kuroko is a member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as "The Generation of Miracles ", and while nobody seems to know about him, the main 5 players of the team all admit that he is a better player. When he joins the high school basketball team, everyone is surprised to find out that he is small, weak, and easy to miss. What is the secret that makes him so strong, and how will he help his high school team? 



I´m a bit of Multi-shipper and Optimistic OTP Shipper.  

I’m probably more of an Optimistic Shipper with a little bit of Sobbing Shipper in there. Just a little bit.

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Rasu: a~h mistress please tell me more economic facts im already shivering all over from excitement