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Ryuunosuke being silly and adorable. 

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lmjun inquired:



STARISH @ Animelo 2013 Backstage

Sorry for the quality though (´・ω・`)



Well there is something that called “stage name”

It’s common for actors/actresses to use stage name, especially if their real name is either too difficult to write/said or too “unusual”

Actors/actresses I know using stage names are Suda Masaki (his real name is Sugo Taisho), Minami Keisuke (real name Motomura Keisuke, with different Kanji in “Keisuke”), Kuroki Meisa (real name Shimabukuro Satsuki), Yokoyama Yuu (real name Yokoyama Kimitaka) and many others.

Ohhh, then that means Kiriyama Renn is something stage name and Nishiyama Hideki is real name? I see. I do see his full name is difficult name. xD

About Renn, this info doesn’t say about his real name.

Sometimes it’s also because the actors don’t want them to be able to trace their family, as well. Like KIMERU, for example, who only goes by his stage name, and his real name has never been revealed. There’s also been rumours that Yagami Ren’s real name is Yamazaki Yuuichirou, but I haven’t found any evidence to prove that.

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